4R Co Ltd recycle the preloved high brand items in different selling platform.
On sale products are all authenticated by our professionals appraisers so that you do not have to worry about their authenticity.
Under your products condition, rarity and their premium status We offer best prices based on a the latest market price.
Here we will introduces you our selling platforms and methods.

Yahoo Auction

We use Yahoo auction for our domestic customers living inside Japan.
This is the Japan's largest auction site for bidders.
Here you can bid your price on the product your like. At the end of the auction the highest bidder will win the auction.
Sometime even the lowest bidder has high chance to win the bid if other bidder are not involved in the same auction.
Buyers can get varieties of product and categories such as bags, cosmetics, and accessories.
We also list brand products in bulk with starting price of 1 yen which includes items like bags , non functioning watches, wallets, key cases, and non brand items aswell.
Please enjoy bidding at our auction store.

You will find all the description regarding the products condition with photos and comments on individual product pages.
You will get detailed information about their weak points like scratches areas, dirt, stains, cracks or wrinkles etc., so you will not receive a product that is different from the image and its written condition information.
When you check out our products, we will ship your order item within 3 to 4 business days after payment is confirmed.
While checking out you can specify your favourable time and date for delivery.

We offer multiple payment methods for your convenient.
We accept credit cards, convenience store payments, bank transfers as well as PayPay payments.
With all the convenient tools and resources we promise you a stress-free shopping experience.
We will be waiting for your participation in our auctions.


Catawiki is a popular auction site in Europe.
They organize auction of only high brand items and vintage items.
Rolex, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Omega etc can be exhibited by the bidders.
For each items condition you can view images with defefects as well as items discription, so you can bid with confidence.
In case if the item is not as it is described you can easily return the item and fully refunded.
It's a chance to get branded goods at a great price, so please check it out!

In addition, we will accurately inform you all the weak points such as scratches, dirt, etc.
Our expertes check for the authentication of each items so that our sold items are not counterfeits or copies.
Further more all shipments are insured to prevent loss or damage.
They accept all payment method so that you do not have to worry for checkout.


We use Shopee to sell products for customers in Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines).
We have continious discount offer up to 45% on every items.
For shipping we use Japan Post EMS.
Please be assured that the shipment will be insured to prevent loss or damage during transportation.
For Payment method you can choose credit card or bank transfer.
You can use either of the payment method that is convenient for you.

Support is available in English/Japanese/Thai/Nepalese/Indian.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.